We host longer-term, more in-depth programs focused on a variety of topics, including community involvement, cultural learning, self-care, leadership exploration and professional development. We host events, workshops, panel discussions and additional student activities that support student success and learning within each of the program areas.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement - Volunteerism, Civic Engagement, Global Citizenship

Culture &


Culture and Identity

Health &


Health and Wellness - Self Care, Mental Health, Healthy Living

Professional & Leadership Development

Professional and Leadership Development - Self Improvement, Global Perspectives, Skills Building

Community Engagement

We empower Northeastern students to become active and responsible contributors to the local and campus communities by fostering collaborative relationships and partnerships that connect, educate, and engage people and organizations throughout our network.

Learning more about the community you live in helps you to build a better understanding of local and regional needs. With community engagement, students gain a deeper understanding of how organizations in the Bay Area approach a social issue(s) in support of their communities, and enhance professional development through hands on experience.


Culture & Identity

Our students come from a vast range of backgrounds that add to the value of the #NUexperience. From around the world to right here in the Bay Area, students showcase cultural perspectives and innovative solutions on a daily basis through experiential learning within inclusive spaces of advocacy and equity.

Through heritage month programming, cultural celebrations, equity advocacy events and much more, students can feel confident in expressing their own authenticity with others.

Health & Wellness

We know that college can be a stressful time filled with academics, work responsibilities, family obligations and personal needs, all ontop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to ensure students are provided and connected to the right resources to help navigate self care, mental health and developing personalized healthy habits.

Through health and wellness the focus is on the students overall personal wellbeing while studying. Students are guided towards resources and programs that help prioritize self care during trying times.

Professional & Leadership Development

Being a student isn’t just about academic rigor. We provide opportunities to enhance professional and leadership skills that compliment your career goals and personal aspirations.

Professional and leadership development is a key part of the student experience, where skills building, career preparation  and and understanding leadership diversity help compliment your academics. We host a range of panel discussion and fireside chats with tech industry professionals to offer you insights and advice. Additionally, students have opportunities to explore the diversity of leadership with peers in the Bay Area and across the Northeastern network and make connections to professional skills building.