Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are our campus student leaders, hired by Student Services. They help build to community, lead events, and represent the student voice. Do you have ideas for how to make our campuses better? Are there events you want us to have? Let your Student Ambassadors know!

Student Ambassador Team | Silicon Valley & San Francisco

Aishwarya Pillai
Jie Yin

Name : Jie Yin

Email Address :

Program of Study : College of Engineering, Information Systems

Intro: Jie is a Master’s in Information Systems student with aspirations to become a woman in tech and a pilot, inspired by female role models in her family. Having pursued landscape architecture and urban planning in her undergraduate, with a background in biology and horticulture, she participated in various design competitions and real-world design projects, using her diverse skills and design thinking to help vulnerable communities and address social issues. Jie cherishes academic and life memories from the peaceful town life of Gainesville, Florida before coming to San Jose. She enjoys plein air painting, photography, humanities, hiking, and rock climbing. Jie is committed to support campus diversity and inclusion and is always available to help Huskies as part of the Student Service team.

Xi "Cici" Hou
Purvish Thakkar

Name: Purvish Thakkar

Email Address:

Program of Study: College of Professional Studies, Project Management

Intro: Purvish has a passion for design innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently pursuing his MS in Project Management at the College of Professional Studies, Purvish brings his unique perspective and skill set to the Northeastern Community. With five years of experience studying and working in design both domestically and internationally, he is committed to finding new and innovative ways to solve problems and create value.

Maple Zhu
Nikshita Ranganathan

Name: Nikshita Ranganathan


Program of Study: College of Professional Studies, Data Analytics

Intro: Nikshita has a passion for data analytics and loves to explore different cultures and cuisines. Although she is from India, Dubai has a special place in her heart, where she began her career and made some incredible memories. She is a yoga enthusiast who believes in the importance of a healthy mind and body. Connecting with people is something that brings her great joy, and she firmly believes that diversity and inclusion are essential for a better world. As a student ambassador, Nikshita is eager to share her experiences with others. Whether you need advice on your studies or just want to chat about your hobbies, feel free to reach out to Nikshita.

Fun fact – Nikshita loves to sing and dance which not many people know about.

Haoran Zhang
Venni Yu

Name: Venni Yu


Program of Study: College of Engineering, Information Systems

Intro: Venni is a true outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore new landscapes, try new foods, and host outdoor events that bring people together.

Venni’s willingness to embrace new experiences and perspectives allows her to see challenges as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks. As a student ambassador, Venni is excited to share her passion for learning, exploration, and social impact with her fellow students.

Fun Fact: Venni previously volunteered to teach children in Argentina’s and contributed to rainforest conservation in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

She hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, covering 31.2 miles (50 km) and reaching an elevation of 13,795 feet (4.205 km).

She has interest in online streaming, building a following of 20,000 fans, and creating a community around her passions.

Priyanka Chandak
Shivani Shah

Name: Shivani Shah


Program of Study: College of Engineering, Information Systems

Intro: Shivani describes herself as a warm and outgoing individual from India, who aspires to become a DevOps Engineer following her experience as a Software Engineer in an IT company.

In her free time, she enjoys creative hobbies such as art, singing, dancing, hiking, and cooking, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a fitness enthusiast.

As part of the Student Services team, Shivani strives to create an inclusive and supportive campus environment for all students. Don’t hesitate to connect with her via Teams or email, as she’s always eager to lend a helping hand!

Yaqun Deng
Qiwen Xiong

Name: Qiwen Xiong


Program of Study: Khoury College, Computer Science – Align

Intro: Qiwen (Fiona) is a Computer Science Align student with a background in accounting and finance. Before diving into her passion for software engineering, she worked as a senior auditor at E&Y. Fiona is a friendly person who enjoys connecting with people and is always ready to lend a helping hand. In her free time, Fiona takes on the role of an influencer, sharing her thoughts on social media. Her content, centered around self-improvement and learning from life experiences, has resonated with a growing number of like-minded individuals.

Fiona is excited to be a part of the Student Services team at Northeastern University’s Bay Area campuses. With her unwavering commitment and infectious enthusiasm, she’s eager to create a positive impact on the lives of her fellow students.
Priyanka Chandak
Abirami Chockalingam

Name: Abirami Chockalingam, Student Ambassador to the Dean’s Office


Program of Study: College of Professional Studies, Project Management

Intro: Abirami comes from the beautiful city of Chennai in India, a place with a rich cultural heritage. She previously studied computer science, and I is currently pursuing an MS in Project Management with a goal of becoming a Technical Project Manager. When she’s not hitting the books, she loves to travel and explore new places, hang out with friends and family, and cook delicious meals in the kitchen.

In her spare time, you can find Abirami singing her heart out or sketching something new. She believes that cultural diversity is something to be celebrated, and is always eager to learn more from those around her. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her you have any questions or just want to chat. She is always excited to connect with new people and share experiences!

Position Description

Student Ambassadors are student leaders and vital members of the Student Services team at the Silicon Valley and San Francisco campusesThe role of Student Ambassadors is to build community and serve as a voice for all students in the regionStudent Ambassadors will assist with and lead co-curricular educational programs, personal and professional development opportunities, and cultural and diversity experiences on and off campus. They will also assist in connecting students to regional campus resources as well as Northeastern University resources across the network.

Please read the full Student Ambassadors job description and apply through the Student Employment website.


There are a total of six (6) Student Ambassador positions open.

Students at San Francisco campus are invited to apply with the expectation they will be based at the Silicon Valley campus by December 2023.

Application Questions & Required Documents
  • Resume
  • Question Responses
    • Included in your application packet, please answer both of the following questions in 2-3 paragraphs:
      • What leadership qualities do you think a Student Ambassador should have to support their peers?
      • Please describe how you organize your schedule to ensure you meet multiple deadlines and competing priorities, such as a job/internship searching, academic coursework, on-campus employment, personal responsibilities and your overall health and wellness.

Both the resume and the question responses should be submitted in one PDF packet.

Questions & Inquiries

Email Hing Potter (he/him), Assistant Director of Student Services, at

Applications for Student Ambassador are currently closed.